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I am not sure if I am scared or relieved. Finally there could be a way to actually get recognized for the content you publish.  SEO IS DEAD!  If you are tying to trick the search engines into loving you, you are wasting your time and effort and will end up getting black balled by Google if you do!  Today it is much easier to get loved by Google and all you have to do is be honest and integral!   Starting soon, you will gain credibility as a blogger if you add content that is high quality, by curating the top content each day.   Which is exactly what My Daily Services does each day for our customers.  You can get a whopping 300 blog posts for only $139.99 when you use our program.  Find out how to get your first month for FREE by clicking here!  Don G Cox.

Let’s look at it more closely….


Why Journalists Should Care About Google Author Rank A Lot More Than Amazon Author Rank


So what exactly does Author Rank refer to? In essence it means your reputation as a content creator will directly influence your page rank within Google search results. Each content provider will have their work graded, and it’s these grades that Google will use as information about how useful one’s content is within the big Google engine.

AuthorRank example

What Author Rank is not:

Amazon Author Rank is the rank of an author based on the sales of all of their books on The feature is similar to Amazon Best Sellers, and also like Best Sellers, is updated hourly. With Amazon Author Rank, both the top 100 authors overall and the top 100 in selected genres will be displayed on






Literally the following month (September 2011), Google filed a continuation patent referencing a “portable identity platform” which sounds a whole lot like Google+. Profiles on Google+ make an infinitely easier digital signature system than anything that’s come before and, with the rollout of Google Authorship (tying a Google+ profile to pieces of content), it really sounds like that’s what we’re looking at here.

So now Google can start attributing content to specific “agents” and doing just what they set out to do in 2005: rank them.

As early as February of this year, the term “AuthorRank” started to surface in the industry. AJ Kohn wrote agreat post on AuthorRank and speculated that this development could change the search game as we know it. He also stated that it would be “bigger than Panda and Penguin combined”…Read More At:



So where does that leave us?  All I know is that IF you want to get your blog taken seriously, you’ve got to play by the rules.  Our service does JUST THAT – we curate the news for our customers, so they don’t have to, sort of like we did, right here!


Google PLUS?  The video explains how to use Google Plus for Author Rank.

It will explain how Google will identify you from other authors.  So where ever you create content, like blogs, videos, etc., Google Will find you and rank you according to how integral you are in posting content.  If you are trying to trick Google into liking you – then watch out!  How do you stop duplication then?  Provided you are creating content and if you borrow content, you give a full reference to the original author.  Scraping content is illegal.  Especially if it is not linking back to your content.  If you link your content properly, than Google can follow it!





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